Chapter X – STARSCREAM! You failed me yet again!

The once proud citystate of King’s Landing was burning. It had been a long and fierce battle which yet raged on, yet the outcome was already 

determined. People were fleeing, hoping to outrun the Dothraki invaders, but few of them could. After all, who could outrun men on horseback
while being barefoot themselves?
Atop the Tower of the Hand, Starscream stood where once Loki had stood and where several Hands of the King had stood before him, overseeing the
conquest, no, rather, the slaughter. This was just the first step in his true conquest of the realm, and once his hold was firm enough, then at
least he could do away with some of the Dothraki scum – enough to ensure that they would not rise up to rebel against him after the deed was

“Lord Starscream,” The Master said, appearing behind him and kneeling as well, “I bring you news of our conquest.”

“It is not conquest, Master,” Starscream grumbled, “Conquest would be if this city was under my control now, with the opposing force routed. And
yet I still see fighting in the streets, people opposing us. Why have they not been quelled yet?”

“We will soon, Lord Starscream. The King’s guard has fled and the city watch is holding up with some small pockets of resistance. There was a
delegation of Lannister soldiers, but they withdrew early on to join up with their Lord Luthor. The city will be ours within the hour.”

Starscream peered over his shoulder coldly, as the report was incomplete, giving The Master an icy glare. “And what of The King and Queen? Where
is Thor?”

“It seems he died while we were traveling here, Lord Starscream,” The Master continued, “A climbing accident.”

Starscream laughed at that. “An unfitting end for an unfit king! And yet he still robbed me of his revenge! And his wife?”

“Murdered, it seems. The culprit remains at large as of now, but in the chaos that ensued no real investigation took place. The Lannisters simply
blamed it on the Starks in retaliation for the death of the Doctor, but no proof was even found, or searched for.”

“She was unimportant anyway,” Starscream shrugged, “And what of the Prince? Don’t tell me he is dead too. I want to savor at least a little bit
of revenge before taking this Kingdom.”

“He lives.”

Starscream’s eyes narrowed. “Then why is he not before me yet? Surely he is not part of this meager resistance. What are you not telling me?”

“The new hand of the King, Loki, has left the city as soon as our invasion began with a small regiment of royal soldiers. It seems the Prince was
with them. It seems he suspected our intentions.”

“Bring me the Horse Lord in charge of capturing the royal family,” Starscream said.

“I don’t know if I…”

“It was not a request,” Starscream hissed, “I want him here within fifteen minutes, or I want you here in his stead!”

The Master nodded in silence and hurried off, and true to Starscream’s demand, he returned twelve minutes later, accompanied by a very confused
looking Dothraki warrior. Starscream knew who he was, he had assigned him himself after all, one of Banner’s trusted, though not one of his
Sworn. “Why do you return empty-handed?” Starscream hissed.

“Lord Starscream, I..-” the man began, but he never got to complete his sentence as Scarscream fired the beam cannon on his arm at him, burning a
hole straight through the man’s chest. His sentence ended with a final gasp for breath before he collapsed.

“Perhaps you should not make a habit of executing your men when things go sour,” the Master suggested, watching the smoking hole in the man’s
chest with some disgust, “We have few competent people as it is.”

“He was not one of them,” Starscream replied, “Secure my city, Master. I want to sit on my throne before nightfall. I want this realm to tremble
in terror before the host we are about to unleash upon them.”

“And where will you be, my lord?”

Starscream grinned. “I’ll be cleaning out the citadel of any undesired elements. And then I’ll be testing out this Iron Throne. A throne made of
metal, it sounds like it was made for me, don’t you agree?”

“Completely, my lord,” The Master said, bowing and leaving.

* * *

It was after nightfall and the city belonged, as he had demanded, to Starscream and the Dothraki. The last pockets had been quelled in a most
bloody matter and the remainder of the city guard had sown allegiance to their new masters. The townspeople hid indoors, even though that did not
save them from the brutality of the horse lords. Some groups of Dothraki already rode outside the city walls, pillaging the countryside and
making sure the people would never ever forget their presense.
In the harbor of King’s Landing things were more quiet. The Dothraki did not like the water and had left the large ship that carried them behind
at the first opportunity, staying as far away as possible after their business in the harbor district had been done. Instead this district was
given to the city guard to oversee, along with some Dothraki who did not fear the water. But the Dothraki had been very thorough in cleansing the
area, not wanting to leave behind a reason to return there, so it had become a ghost town within a town, almost.
The town guard was on patrol there now, the last patrol of the night before the first one of the next morning. Groups of four, some accompanied
by Dothraki but most were not. There was a curfew, so no one was allowed on the streets, and it was their job to ensure no one disobeyed that
order, especially not so close to the ark that had brought the invaders.

The sound of wood snapping.

“W-What was that?” one of the guards gasped, alerted by the sound and looking around in panic, “You heard it too, right?”

“This place was looted, burned and devestated,” another guard said, rolling his eyes, “So if you heard the sound of wood snapping, then, yes, we
all heard it; and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for it too.”

“Like an already unstable structure now collapsing?”


“But it could also be something else, or someone breaking curfew,” the guard persisted, “And by order of the King we are obliged and order to

“He is not our King,” another guard hissed, “He is yet another ursurper!”

“Careful with your words, man,” the fourth soldier hissed, “If the horse men hear us, we’re finished. Malfoy wasn’t much be…-”

Again, the sound of wood snapping.

“That’s no coincidence anymore,” the first guard hissed again and raised his spear, slowly stepping towards the origin of the sound, “You lot do
as you wish, but I’m not risking Starscream’s wrath..!”

“Careful, Malcolm!”

Then the side of a storage building literally seemed to explore as a large bulky figure smashed through it. Instinctively the guard named Malcolm
stabbed with his spear, but it broke on the creature’s tough skin. Gasping in shock, the guardsman stepped back, now for the first time seeing
what he was up against as the pale moonlight illuminated him. It was a tall metal construct, similar to the ursurper Starscream, only made of
silvery white metal. “Yes, careful, Malcolm, and don’t get hurt,” it spoke, then fired what seemed to be some sort of cannon strapped to his arm
at his comerades. The explosion blew them away and then the night was quiet again. “Now, your next answer determines whether you live or die.”

“You.. who are you..!” the guard gasped, “What are you?!”

“I told you your next answer determines your fate. So think well before you ask questions again and answer them instead.”

The man nodded.

“I am Megatron,” Megatron introduced himself, “And I come to rid you of a problem; you spoke of Starscream… where do I find him?”

“The… the citadel,” the guard answered, “He crowned himself king, you’ll find him atop the Iron Throne!”

“An Iron Tomb when I’m done with him,” Megatron hissed, then stared with contempt at the guardsman one last time, “You live, for now. Run home to
your fleshling children and wife, if you have them, and save them from my rule if you can. But for now I will deal with the traitor who has
claimed your throne in my stead.”
Megatron set out in the direction the guardsman had given him, fueled by anger and a desire for revenge. Soldiers and Dothraki alike rushed up to
stop him, alerted by the explosion, but he swatted them out of the way like flies. And those were just the lucky ones – the rest got a taste of
the fully recharged cannon on his right arm. A blockade had been formed at the entrance of the citadel, but it did not stop Megatron, it only
delayed him. A single blast from his fusion cannon was enough to annihilate most of the blockade. The rest he dispatched by simply charging into
it and through it, wood splintering as he impacted against it.

The way to the throne room was easily found, for Starscram had paved the way earlier that day with blood and destruction. All Megatron had to do
was follow the trail until at last he too arrived at the throne room, where he found a startled Starscream sitting on the Iron Throne. “Me-

“Surprised to see me, Starscream?” Megatron growled back, entering the throne room. The royal guard tried to stop him, but they met the same fate
as the other who had tried before. “Surely you jest if you think Megatron could be defeated so easily. Now remove your sorry existence from my
throne before I do it for you!”

“Megatron!” Starscream squealed again, rushing off the throne and down the stairs before it, immediately kneeling and groveling at his old
masters feet, “Please! I only acted out your wishes! After you died, I did my best to make the scum of Westeros pay!”

“Your job was to manipulate them into obeying me, not have them turn against me, destroying me! You failed me yet again, Starscream!”

“Yes…” Starscream said, looking up, “They destroyed you… ripped off your head, wrecked your body… how can you be here…”

“That is not your concern!”

“It is my every concern!” Starscream spat, “For you are DEAD! You cannot be here! You must be a copy! And if you are the real thing, then you are
a weak, pathetic weapon, defeated by a single Dothraki! Defeated where I succeeded!”

“Starscream..!” Megatron growled, and Starscream realised he had gone too far. He tried to grovel again, but Megatron’s patience had run at an
end. The silver robot raised his cannon one last time, firing multiple shots. The first completely obliterated Starscream’s head, and the rest
blew his body to pieces, leaving little more than scrap metal. “The king is dead. Long live Lord Megatron,” Megatron said.

Starscream dies

Starscream dies

“Long live Lord Megatron indeed,” a voice in the shadows purred.

“That voice,” Megatron said, surprised as he turned around, “It is you. The one that found my body in the desert. The one that restored me, told
me of Starscream’s treachery. It is you…”

“Indeed it is, dearie,” Rumplestiltzkin giggled, “And you took your time getting here. Now, will you clean up this mess here, please. I believe
you have a kingdom to conquer?”

(word count: 34811)

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